QHSE Policy

At OES Offshore Engineering Services Pvt Ltd., we are committed towards the protection of the environment and also of the safety of our personnel. We undertake specific measures to inculcate a safety culture in the organization. We strictly adhere to quality initiatives to ensure that the products and services are as per quality standards. We conduct timely internal safety audits and also offer audits to our clients.

Some of our recent initiatives include:

Fire Prevention & Emergency Response.

Environmental Protection.

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Fire Prevention & Emergency Response

Every employee undergo special fire safety training. They are taught the do’s and don’ts with regard to the operation of various safety equipments. Various measures are undertaken to ensure life and property. The areas storing flammable material are marked as restricted areas. In case of accidents or injuries, immediate action is taken to reduce damage to life and property.

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Environmental Protection

We follow strict norms when it comes to the environment. Our aim as a company is to deliver good output in the oil and gas sector, but never at the cost of harming nature. Adequate measures are taken with regard to disposal of sewage, taking into consideration the quality, quantity and discharge rates of processed sewage water to sea. The disposal of solids are also carefully handled. The noise of equipments are controlled and are as per the allowed noise levels, reducing the risk of hearing loss to workers, providing healthy surrounding for verbal communication in the work area and also limiting the overall impact of noise generated in the vicinity.

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OES Offshore Engineering Services Pvt Ltd. is an India based service provider of offshore and onshore oil and gas facilities.


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